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Removals Information and Advise

This page is designed to help you prepare for your removal and give general advice on moving house.

Selecting the right removals service for you.

If you looking for value for money yo need to try and compare the services offered by various companies in addition to the prices they charge or you might be sadly disappointed.

Not all removal companies are the same ether is a vast difference in the level of service provided ranging from rogue traders and people trying to earn cash on the side with no insurance or knowledge of removals to those companies who offer more benefits than you could imagine but charge extortionate rates.

We advise that you obtain a minimum of three quotations ideally in writing from reputable established companies, read the information provide carefully and ask questions about any of aspect of the service you are unsure of.

Preparing for the removal

Obtain moving quotes as early as possible to enable you to compared services, most companies quotations are valid for 3 months should you removal date change.


Unless you have chosen a packing service start the packing as early as you can. Most self pack customers under estimate the time they will need to pack and the amount of boxes and packing materials that they will use. Use plenty of bubble wrap or other soft material to protect breakables, check that the weight of the boxes remain reasonable during packing. Do not over fill boxes so that they can't be sealed for extra strength and stacked in the removal vehicles to save space.

If finances permit and you haven't packed for a removal before consider a packing service, not only will you benefit from reduced risk of damage due to their skill and expertise, they will also be able to source packing materials for less than you and know how much you might need.

If you choose Mastermove for you removal we can provide a free comprehensive guide " how to pack like a pro" via email.

Prior to Moving Day.

Phone and internet providers tend to require a notice period of weeks rather than days to disconnect, connect or transfer services remember to let them know as soon as you have confirmed moving date.

If your in rented accommodation you may need to arrange for the carpets to be cleaned or touch up areas of paintwork to ensure that you get your bond back.

Don't forget to inform your family and close friends of your moving date should they need to contact or visit you.

On Moving Day

If you have young children wherever possible try to arrange for a baby sitter or family member to watch them away from the house until the removal is complete. Young children not only become bored and agitated with all forms of entertainment packed away, they can also be invisible to removal crews carrying bulky items.

Make sure that all electrical and gas appliances are disconnected prior to the removal crew arriving as they will not be insured to carry out these tasks on you behalf.

Don't forget to take final gas and electric meter reading before you leave or you may end up paying for the new residents utilities.